I am better than you is essentially what one claims who embraces a sense of entitlement. It is acted out: when cutting someone off while driving, cutting in line, or cutting another down with words. They have elevated themselves to a superior status and you are unworthy. For all intents and purposes; you are less than.

A sense of entitlement is manifested when one thinks another owes them because of:

·       who they are

·       who they know

·       what they have. 

Adjectives used to describe entitled are: allowed, deserving, desirable, empowered, having the right, justified, privileged, qualified, warranted, worthy.

Personally, I see entitlement on a daily basis whether it is as I am driving down the road, shopping in a store, ordering at a drive thru or even taking a phone call.

I remember hearing a young adult in front of a few people boldly declare, “EVERYONE wants to be MY FRIEND because of who I am!” As I abruptly turned around to go back and clarify the words I had just heard, they arrogantly stated that people put them on a pedestal because of their status.

I am not proud of my response to that person……. but I burst out laughing.

I laughed because of the absurd declaration, but then was shocked when I realized that they were serious. That person had actually elevated themselves and truly expected people to worship and adore them. How pathetic…… but indicative of the times.

Does entitlement belong in a Christian’s life?

Did Jesus walk around Galilee wearing Prada sandals, sporting a Rolex while carrying a Louis Vuitton?  Or ride into Jerusalem on the best stallion, spouting all the celebrities he knew personally or bragged about all the million dollar homes he had lived in? Did he ever portray that he had a sense of entitlement? Never. Jesus, in fact portrayed the exact opposite.


Humility is defined as the state of being humble. Being humble means that you don’t have too high of an opinion of yourself nor being prideful and arrogant. Adjectives that describe humble are: modest, meek, unassuming, unpretentious, submissive, self-effacing, and unostentatious.


·       Wants the best for others not themselves.

·       Is willing to serve and desires to do so.

·       Not self-seeking.

Sadly the world looks at humility as a weakness.

But in truth – humble people convey confidence in who they are. Having nothing to prove, they can be real and genuine.

1 Peter 5:5 says, “Clothes yourselves with humility…”

To clothe is to put on. And it is something we are to do ourselves. It is like an article of clothing that God is urging us: DON’T BE CAUGHT WITHOUT IT.  Why – Because God opposes the proud. He is adverse and resistant to pride. He will not stand for it.

He is not impressed with the money you have, the car you drive or the “designer label” you wear. He is interested in your heart. And pride will erode your heart like nothing else.

1 Peter 5:6 says, “Humble yourselves……”

We have two choices: We can humble ourselves or let God humble us. Whether you agree or not…… all of us WILL be humbled. We may not see it in this life, but everyone will stand before God and give an account of their life. The things we treasured on earth: clothes, cars, status, money or prominence will mean nothing then.

I’d rather become humble myself, than be arrogant and prideful only to be brought to my knees. Because actually…… I want to already be on my knees…..

Therefore if God has called us to be humble……
Do we dare hold onto a sense of entitlement?