Around the World in 80 Days

No, we have not traveled around the world but……….

In the last 80 days Don and I:  

  • Had our company secretary walk out.
  • Had no passwords, job notes, or instructions.
  • Discovered our money had been grossly mishandled.
  • Uncovered debt we had no knowledge about.
  • Depleted our savings to save the company.
  • Had friendships ruined because of slander.
  • Endured extended family feuding.
  • Had a daughter in the hospital for four days.
  • Sadly lost a grandbaby.
  • Have our 3 yr. old refrigerator beginning to go out. $730.00 to fix!
  • A fairly new washing machine that is quitting. Not worth it to repair. 
  • Have a daughter getting married next week.
  • Have the wedding reception in our backyard.
  • Been inundated with fire ants that have taken up residence in the grass.
  • Face the fear we may have to put our house up for sale.
  • Watched our credit score drop 67 points because of mistake by Eisenhower Hospital. It could take two months to fix.
  • Had an attic rat eat through a ceiling. We still can’t catch it.
  • Are being sued by a client.
  • Watched a brother in law die this week.
  • Had truck broken into – ransacked and all tools stolen.
  • Had to re-key all of our locks.

In anger I want to raise the flag of surrender and resign. I want to say I’m done and to the enemy declare, “YOU WIN!”

But I won’t…

Because I serve a God who has equipped us to NOT quit. He has given us armor.

We need to change some things of course, but not give up.

Could you please continue to contend with us and pray until we get a breakthrough?

To prove how faithful God is, I would like to share with you my devotion for this morning. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, how God is always on time and how he sent this to me today, just when I needed it.



Thank you friends….