July 6, 2011 
Attitude is the mind’s paintbrush, it can color any situation. Consider that phrase for a moment. The mind’s paintbrush has the ability to change not only your perspective but that of others. How you paint a situation is important. The colors you choose can make it appealing and desirable, bleak and negative, or hurtful and damaging. The time and effort you put forth is also a contributing factor in the picture you paint. So, if attitude is the paintbrush, should we be attentive to it?

Attitude is defined as, “the way you think and feel about someone or something. The feeling or way of thinking that affects a person’s behavior; A way of thinking that people can regard as unfriendly, rude, etc., or strong, confident, impressive; a particular way of positioning your body.” If attitude is governed by your mind, should we be concerned about what goes on in our own minds? The answer is an absolute yes!

How does one decipher what thoughts should be allowed to run free within their mind? Proverbs 23:7 says, “As a man thinks in his heart, so is he.” How I interpret that, is what a man thinks, he acts out. His behavior lets you know what his thoughts are. If they think they are a loser, they act like a loser. Taking it a step further, a person that feels they have no worth, will act it out in different ways: surround themself with people that treat them badly, hate themselves, or harm themselves (with drinking, drugs, cutting, sex), and endure abusive relationships. They just allow and expect to be treated poorly. Receiving it because they feel it is what they deserve, for they have adopted the victim mentality.

The victim mentality is such that it always blames someone else for their plight in life. It is not their fault they are like this, it is because of what someone said to them, what someone did to them or something they didn’t do for them. Because they play the blame game, it keeps them from having to take ownership of their own personal behavior. They view their lives as if nothing ever good happens for them. Since they view their life as a victim, they may accept abusive behavior and endure bad relationships. They also may begin doing destructive & harmful things such as drinking, drugs, cutting, or sleeping around because they do not think they deserve any better.
A solid principal is “what goes in always comes out”. What you fill your mind with; will come out in your behavior. Consequently as your attitude is affected by what goes on in your mind, it is safe to say that your behavior reflects your thoughts. If we need to change our behavior we must first change our thoughts. Your thought life truly is the place that the game is won.
A good defense is the best offense. A phrase used in the sports world can also be used in our game of life. In the game of football, a team cannot score unless it has the ball, so we want to get the ball into the offense’s hands. The defense has the job of keeping the opponent from moving down the field. They push back and deny them from advancing. Four downs later, the defensive team leaves the field as the offensive enters. Each player has honed his skill, knows each move for every play, and moves as a unit when the ball is snapped. They have done their homework with not only perfecting their position, but also educating themselves with the opponent’s game plan.  The offensive team’s ultimate goal is to gain the upper hand and score. They run toward the goal line for one purpose: to put the numbers on the scoreboard.
Attitude needs to be seen in a similar way. A good defense is the best offense, in that defend what goes in to our minds. If we don’t allow bad thoughts and beliefs to move down the field, we are able to make progress for the offensive side.  We begin to see progress in pleasant ways: positive attitude, contentment, strength, confidence, and joy. Doesn’t that sound more appealing rather than grumpiness, a bad-temper, depression and defeat?
What color is on your paintbrush? It may be covered in lovely colors, or dark and gloomy. Your paintbrush may be coated with old paint dried in the bristles that were never cleaned out from previous paint. But nothing is impossible. God is a fabulous makeover artist! You just need to had him the brush……………