Be Still and Know I am God
Be Still and Know I am God

January 12, 2011
I was listening to a song that a young woman I know recorded. I listened to it over and over again because the words and music were stunning, but also because I was in awe of her voice. I knew her when she was in Junior High school! To see the young people that I knew years ago growing up and having families is such a thrill to me. But to know that they walk with the Lord and serve Him is a blessing.
As I listened to the song again and again, I was moved beyond measure. Her voice was clear, awesome, and you could hear the love of Jesus through her. I was captivated. This was someone that truly worshiped the Lord with all her heart! After listening to the song 10 times, I scrolled over other songs on her album. I hadn’t noticed that at the bottom of the page, she had also recorded my favorite song with another musician. I clicked on that choice on i Tunes and began listening to that particular song again.
I was so moved, tears filled my eyes because the Lord revealed a truth to me. On this track, someone accompanied her. Although her voice needed no help his voice complimented hers to a tee. Their voices blended and harmonized to make an awesome song that much better. The Lord showed me that this is what HE does in our very lives. He comes along side and accompanies us. He makes us stronger. He makes us more beautiful. He equips us with more gifts to serve Him even better. Isaiah 41:20a says, “so that people may see and know, consider and understand that the hand of the LORD has done this……”
God is so good. He has made it evident that His hand is upon Shannon’s life. I remember her Dad stating at a seminar, “A good worship leader ushers you into the throne room of God. They just stand at the door and usher you in. A great one stays humble and draws no attention to them, but gives all glory to God.” She has definitely caught that principle.
Always gives yourselves fully to the work of the Lord, because you know that your labor in the Lord is not in vain.
1 Corinthians 15:58b