By the Click of a Button

Stepping into the unknown can be challenging. Especially for one that is afraid. Afraid of things such as: ridicule, failure, or rejection. Yet one thing I know…..when God has called you to something new…you need to move. And like Moses in the Red Sea – you have to take the first step.

Yesterday I took a first step. I submitted two short stories to be published in a book.

It will be a compilation of various short stories on the theme of getting off your couch and becoming a Couch Rebel. Couch rebels are people who have been outside their comfort zones (whether voluntary or involuntary) and have allowed those experiences to change their lives. While the rest of society is imitating potatoes, couch rebels are learning, growing, and experiencing the incredible things life has to offer.

My stories have both been accepted but………. I need your help. I need your vote. Getting the stories published in the book depends on the votes received.

The book publisher CausePub partners with non-profit companies to raise money and help with the public’s awareness of their need. The book proceeds will be benefitting Blood:Water Mission. The organization was founded by a young woman who was 22 year old. She along with the band Jars of Clay started this organization to provide clean water to the needy.

For every book sold, Blood:Water Mission, will be able to provide three people with clean water for one year. The goal of this Cause is to sell 15,000 copies, which will allow them to impact 45,000 lives! If you want to buy a book they will be available on kindle August 13th for $9.99.

BUT WHAT I NEED FROM YOU IS TO VOTE ON MY STORIES. To create awareness of the need, once the stories are submitted, they want the author’s friends and contacts to read the stories and vote on them.

Getting the stories published completely depends on the response of votes.

Below are the two links to my stories. Read the story and if you like it click on the ORANGE like button.

The Proverbs 31 Couch Wife –

Providing Comfort –

Thank you for helping me take the first steps in my writing journey.

Dana Rausch