Just Another Sunday?

Yesterday we celebrated Easter. I am sure that I have personally been in church on Easter Sunday over 50 times in my life. Fifty different sermons, yet yesterday’s sermon on the cross hit the mark. Crosses – we see them everywhere. Some people wear them, while others use them as decor. We see them on […]

My Heart Needs a Root Canal

I desperately need a root canal, but not the kind you think. I need one on my heart. It is in sad shape and the worst of it all is I have let the condition linger far too long. I’ve tried to just live with it. But I can’t anymore. Something has to be done…. […]

Changing Tactics

Driving to a neighboring city, I popped in a CD and listened to a sermon on marriage. Wishing I could take notes, I was thankful I’d be able to listen again another time. The pastor ended with prayer as I arrived at my destination. Returning to my car later, I started it, plugged in my […]