Life Lessons


Few things change a person’s perspective more than participating in a mission’s trip. We live out of our comfort zone while sharing life with strangers.  Traveling, we experience a new culture, environment and values with those around us.  Yet most valuable is the self-examination that tends to happen every time. Those things we take for […]

The Battle Plan

Home alone, I was awakened at 10:30pm by someone pounding on my front door. Instantly upset at the rudeness, I peered through the peep hole. Standing there was a stranger! Trying to disguise my voice I yelled, “WHAT?” The man stepping from foot to foot answered, “UHHHH, I am here for Joe!”  To which I […]

I Am Sorry, Will You Forgive Me?

Betrayal causes the heart to close up and lock its doors. Being betrayed is one of life’s most painful experiences. The healing can take years to cure, yet for some the heartbreak is terminal. The wound cuts deep and wreaks havoc on our ability to trust. Our belief in people is shattered. Insecurity overrides clear […]

A Changed View

Exhausted, I laid down to take a five minute nap yet it turned into a thirty minute nap. Sitting up I couldn’t focus. Things across the room were blurry. Reaching to rub my eyes I came in contact with my glasses. Chagrined realizing I had left them on. Oh my! Now they were tweaked. Unable to […]


A person reaps what they sow. If you plant an apple seed you get an apple tree. If you plant an avocado seed, you get an avocado tree. If you plant a lemon seed you get a lemon tree. So what do you get if you plant lies in a fertile mind? You get a […]

Volcanic Emotions

A note of caution before you read this story. I am going to be very honest with you. You may not like or respect me after I share my feelings. People ask me how and why I share what I do and my answer is because we are all similar. We ALL feel certain things although […]

Flare Ups

Can I be honest with you? I’ve been deeply hurt by someone and highly offended. Just when I think I can let it go another flare up occurs. The anger, the hurt and the tears come flooding back and I am at square one once more. I decided to write that person a letter and […]

Finding Hidden Treasure

Why does it seem like treasure is usually hidden? It’s either behind locked doors or buried deep. It takes hard work and many steps or lessons to learn along the way before it’s found. I’ve wondered if it is worth the search or if it even exists. Webster’s defines treasure as: precious objects; somebody or […]