It is easy to observe others and critique. ·      Why can’t they ______________? ·      Why don’t they ______________? ·       Why won’t they _____________? I don’t know about you, but I usually have the answer for them. If they would just do this…… then this would happen. Their life can be so much better if they […]

The Light Went On!

The Christmas lights never seemed to light up. I plugged them in – didn’t work. I replaced lights – didn’t work. I even bought new ones – didn’t work. Year after year I tried new things but the lights would not light up. Pulling out the Christmas decorations I prayed it would be different. Reminiscing […]

Smear Campaigns

“I can’t believe you even talk to her!” my friend fumed. “After all she has said about you. She is nice to your face but the minute you turn around she is saying how stupid you are, what a rotten parent you are, and how spoiled your grandkids are.” I sat smiling and took in […]