Whose Battle Are You Fighting?

I deleted a post on Facebook a few days ago not because I felt wrong or had changed my stance but because of where the thread went. I had voiced my distress and hurt over […] Read More

Running With Reckless Abandon

The gate was left open by mistake and my dogs took advantage of it. One hour after my two black Labradors had escaped I received a phone call giving me the news. Frantic I called […] Read More

“You’ll only feel a little pain…”

There is nothing that terrifies me more than having to go to the dentist. The emotions it invokes are dread, guilt and anxiety. I want to avoid it at all costs regardless if they come […] Read More

Raging Waters

Last night I had a dream I was on vacation in a second story condo atop a hill. Don and I have our daughter and her friend with us, along with our oldest granddaughter and […] Read More

Stinking Attitude

Attitude is our thoughts turned outward. So, if an attitude stinks, where did the smell come from? You got it – our thoughts. Learning much from picture stories I pondered how I get a stinky […] Read More

From Soaring High to Bottoming Out…….in Minutes

It was Friday morning at 9:00am when my cell phone chimed announcing an incoming text message from my sister in law. “Our Ladies retreat is this weekend titled, Lord Teach Us to Pray. We had […] Read More

Caught In A Riptide

“Dana, it seems you and Don often go through hard times. However, it is the result of the choices and actions of others. Merely, because you choose to do the right thing, you suffer for […] Read More

I Trust You, But….

As the recipient of many pranks, my husband doesn’t trust me easily. He no longer asks me to make his sandwiches in fear that I will leave on the cheese wrapper. Or put in a […] Read More

Washing My Mouth Out

Standing in line, I was waiting for the next available cashier. An elderly couple walked in front of me to look at the shelf of men’s polo shirts. Suddenly she blurts out to her husband, […] Read More


A friend has spent days in the hospital alongside her husband. It’s been a bumpy ride for them. A roller coaster of emotions has flooded her mind. I went to the hospital simply to give […] Read More