Claim Your Luggage
Claim Your Luggage

Upon landing at Dallas airport my daughter and I quickly headed for the Ladies Room. Anticipating a wait time for our luggage we then proceeded to baggage claim. There was only one airport employee in the area, so we thought maybe we were at the wrong carousel. But our flight information was posted on the board, so we sat down to wait.

Feeling awkward wondering where all our fellow passengers were, we looked at each other thinking something is amiss. This doesn’t seem right as we continued to wait…….. and wait………. and wait…

My gray carry-on bag sat at my feet as I waited for its matching suitcase. I reached down to unzip it and something caught my eye. The gray/black conveyor belt which had been moving the entire time was carrying the matching suitcase! I jumped up as I called out Brittany’s name, for her suitcase was on the other side!

We felt so foolish! We had been waiting for luggage that had been there the entire time going around and around on the carousel. The Dallas airport was extremely quick to unload the plane and everyone had already retrieved their bags and left. We sat there completely oblivious….

The clues were there but we were unaware. Why?

Because of past experiences, we assumed. We supposed that everything works the same. What was done in the past is what will continue in the future.

Paints a great picture for me of what occurs when I’ve been unaware of my personal baggage. I had heavy suitcases full of issues yet I was blind to them:

·        A suitcase full of regrets.

·        A suitcase full of offenses.

·        A suitcase full of blame.

·        A suitcase full of unforgiveness.

·        A suitcase full of pride.

Each one I’ve been lugging behind me, creating pain and slowing down my progress. Yet, I am not alone.

Similar to the continuous activity of an airport, the constant hustle of life has dulled many of us to fact we are toting baggage.

We are accustomed to blaming others instead of taking ownership of our own mishaps. Or holding on to offenses from the past and replaying them over and over again in our minds. We have regrets because our dreams have faded and we feel like failures. Unforgiveness permeates our actions and our arrogant pride prevents us from dealing with what stares at us…….every single day.
I don’t want to sit back waiting for something that‘s right in front of me.  I’m going to take action and remove those packed suitcases of regrets, offenses, blame, unforgiveness and pride.

I no longer want to assume that life always has to be the same and what has been in the past will continue. I’ve come to learn that at the core of changing is FEAR. I am afraid.

But I am going to take a leap of faith and plunge in! Care to join me?