Crocodile Tears
May 21, 2010

Hi Friends,

Every day I hear children walking by my office on their way to the school office. I hear their little giggles, their whispers and sometimes even the tears.

Last week I heard someone coming from a far in tears. As they came closer I could hear more than one. I knew when they made it to the school office because then the sobbing started! I just had to go see what the problem was. In the school office sat three little girls crying like their hearts were broken. All three had alligator tears pouring down their cheeks. And they were wailing! I didn’t see any blood, no scraped knees or elbows, their little clothes weren’t tattered as if they had fallen, so I asked, “What is wrong honey?”

Almost in unison, they all cried that they were afraid! They had never been sent to the office before. And they were so afraid of what was going to happen in the Principal’s office. They were in so much trouble!

I tried to reassure them that the Principal was very nice and everything would be okay. It really wasn’t that bad. But of course they would have none of it!

They couldn’t quit crying. They were so sorry, and really did mean it! They continued sobbing with “My parents are going to be so mad!” (It is amazing the things we hear about parents!)

I turned to the school secretary and said, “I feel a picture story coming! Can you imagine how much better off we would be if we were this sorry for our sins? If we showed that much repentance over them?

I know Jesus feels the way that I did that day. I wanted to make everything all okay for them. They touched my heart. He cares about every detail of our lives. He wants us to live abundant lives, but our sin gets in the way. He says let’s deal with it and move on. But because we are afraid of him, we run the other way just like Jonah did.

He loves you more than you can even fathom. Just receive it. Quit running or think that you have done so many things wrong, that God couldn’t possibly forgive you.

I serve a BIG God. He is able to do anything. That includes helping you!