Feeling disappointed, causes you to lose hope. What you viewed as a wonderful plan was thwarted. Dreams came to an abrupt end.  Excitement suddenly turns to discouragement and a cloud of disappointment settles in. That cloud obscures potential that others have but never see. Gifts that they are given yet remain unopened.
Imagine a table full of gifts where the recipient observes but never opens them.  Each gift was specifically chosen to bring joy and satisfaction to the receiver. Much love and thought went into each gift, yet they sit, take up space and gather dust.
Personally, I want those I love to live happy and fulfilled lives. I want them to succeed and to excel. I want their marriages to be fantastic. I want them to love God. I want their kids to make right choices. I want them to all know what love really is. But sadly, I see a table full of gifts that they never open and I feel disappointment.
I started wondering if God is ever disappointed. Does he ever shake his head, slump his shoulders, and stand their dejected after he watches me refuse to accept his gifts? Is he disappointed in me? The words to describe disappointment are disillusioned, downhearted, dissatisfied, despondent, distressed, and depressed.
I believe God can be hurt with our actions of not receiving what he has for us but not disappointment. It is not in his makeup. Because he is love, he constantly works in us to bring out the best in us. But thankfully he is not despondent (like I can be) and turn his back on us. God never loses hope.
He waits for us. He believes in us. He sees our potential.  I feel that God is saddened by our actions when we believe the enemy’s lies instead of His truth. I know he is saddened by our rejection of his love. But God is never depressed or disappointed with us.
Opened one of my gifts this morning and this is what I found…….Truthful words.