Do I Know You?
Clueless to what I had done, my foot hurt and I was struggling to walk. Taking it easy for the day I stayed off it but in the afternoon I needed to run to the store. Strategizing how I could walk in the store and grab a few things closest to the door, I set off.
Thankful for a first space parking spot, I grabbed a nearby cart to use for a stabilizer. I walked slowly in the vegetable aisle and selected a few items for a salad. It all worked out beautifully. After placing the two bags on my front seat, I pushed the cart to the front of my car because the cart holder was too far away.

Feeling guilty because Joyce Meyer has ruined me forever for leaving a grocery cart anywhere BUT the cart holder. I could hear her words, “What is wrong with you? Take the extra steps and take your cart to the cart holder! You probably need the exercise anyway.” However, I had come this far I wasn’t going to push it. My foot was throbbing so I pushed my cart to the front of my car and got in the driver seat.

At the same time someone was backing their luxury car into the space in front of me. She bounded out of her car and stomped straight to my cart. It was someone I recognized but she obviously didn’t recognize me.

She communicated her disapproval of me quite effectively. With a sneer she pointed at my cart, and mouthed, “Is this your cart! Do you want me to walk it back for you!” So I smiled and gave her a thumbs up. I knew her, she lives around the corner from me hence I didn’t take it too seriously.
But when she aggressively flung my cart around giving me a dirty look and started barreling over to the store I knew she was ticked. I rolled down my window and thanked her again for doing that but she wouldn’t acknowledge me.

I drove away with tears in my eyes. 
Yet I considered times I mistook a situation and judged someone according to my personal standards. How often I jumped to conclusions without all the facts. Or how I could’ve hurt others without realizing I had. My tears turned to prayers.
Once again, I applied my heart to what I observed and learned a lesson from what I saw. 

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  1. Oh my, what an important encouragement. Thank you as always Dana for giving me much to think about and seek God about. How quickly I judge when who knows what the person's situation really is.

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