Do It Yourself
Do It Yourself
Doing something yourself is rewarding; granting ownership and giving value. Accomplishment brings fulfillment, causing a yearning to do more. Breaking through that barrier of procrastination gives a taste of success. Through skill, practice, perseverance or exertion achievement has been attained. Doing it yourself encourages one to take on the next challenge.
Teams rely and depend on each player to do their ultimate best. To achieve that goal what is done on their own is what builds their perseverance and strength. Building muscle, learning strategy, and perfecting your skill individually will ultimately build the whole team.  What is done “by yourself” makes the difference.
The Bible has a number of verses that call us to do something ourselves. Why? I believe God knew that we’d need a sense ownership in our endeavor.  Owning something gives it value. A homeowner cares for a home more than a renter.  A owned car is treated in a different manner than a borrowed or rented car. A winning team excels and is valued because of individuals who have independently done their work. Ownership gives value. Because of His great love for you God has invited you to partner with Him in gaining value in your relationship with Him.
I pray as we look at these verses pertaining to “Do It Yourself” you will be challenged to move onto the next step. Similar to climbing a staircase these steps build on each other. But please take the time to stand on each one and take it in; ponder it, respond, and make necessary adjustments for you as an individual.
His divine power has given us everything we need for life and godliness through our knowledge of Him….. 2 Peter 1:3a
Since we have everything we need……are you ready to climb?
STEP ONE begins Wednesday!

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  1. Awesome Dana, I am blessed to see what God has called you to do. I look forward to reading more.

  2. Dana Rausch says:

    Thank you Candi!

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