As a face is reflected in water, so the heart reflects the real person. Proverbs 27:19.

Staring out the window while riding down the freeway, I glanced over to a Harley rider in the next lane. Wearing the usual helmet, goggles and chaps yet what caught my attention was his black leather jacket and the large bold printed letters encompassing his back, literally shoulder to shoulder. That title labeled him as he wore his emblem proudly.

Similar to how we market our favorite sports teams, we wear apparel with their insignia’s to claim our personal choice or favorites. Angel, Dodger, Laker, or Clipper apparel can be seen anywhere in Southern California.

As when our son played football for Hawaii, we wholeheartedly wore our black and green to every game. Often, we wore the “Warrior” shirts on planes as we traveled, had a Hawaii Football sticker on our car’s back window, and hung a Hawaii flag in the front of our house on game days. We wanted everyone and anyone to know who we were proud of.

Frequently we were out-numbered in a visiting stadium; nevertheless we wore our colors proudly. Yet, it was never as daunting as when only 200 black Hawaii shirts sat in the Florida gator stadium surrounded by 91,000 orange shirts, and yes I mean ninety one thousand!

Recently while shopping, I stopped, smiled and admirably asked an elderly gentleman who his favorite team really was…. He was wearing green sweatpants, a green and yellow bomber jacket with a large P written on, a green hat, and even yellow crocs with a green band on it! There was no question he was a staunch Green Bay Packer fan!

Who are you a fan of? Is it a team, or a sport, drink, cartoon, or popular buzz word? Every one of us wears a persona that others observe.

·         What is yours?

·         What do people see or read when they look at you?

·         Who are you proudly associated with?

My desire is for people to see Jesus in me. I don’t want them to see a good church goer. Or merely “label” me a Christian, like most Americans are. I want them to see it in my life. Whether:

·         Riding on a Harley;

·         A spectator in a football Stadium;

·         A NASCAR fan at Daytona;

·         Full throttle on Lake Havasu;

·         Eating at a restaurant;

·         Shopping with a friend;

·         Driving down the highway,

I want others to always see the reflection of Jesus in me. I want to represent Him distinctly.  

How about you? Who do you wear well? Whom do you represent?