Flare Ups
Can I be honest with you?

I’ve been deeply hurt by someone and highly offended. Just when I think I can let it go another flare up occurs. The anger, the hurt and the tears come flooding back and I am at square one once more.

I decided to write that person a letter and share how I felt. The wounds they had inflicted, the deep seated hurt they had caused and a request for them to not contact me again.
This morning during my quiet time I felt the Lord speak these words to me that truly showed me that hurts and offenses had also hurt him. He has dealt with the same pain. He showed me this comparison:


Jesus was:
·         talked about
·         falsely accused
·         used
·         spit on
·         betrayed by friends
·         abused
·         asked to do wrong things
·         never good enough for his adversaries

And I felt maybe I am more like Jesus than I thought because this is what I have endured! 


 Then He continued:
 Jesus also:
·         Loved anyway
·         Forgave others
·         Prayed for people
·         Had compassion
·         Let things go
·         Moved on in his ministry
·         Stayed in tune with God.
And I knew I obviously had more work to do.  
Because the letter I wrote does not reflect a heart that loves the Lord.
I wish it were as easy as using a pencil eraser to erasing an error. Instead my emotions are tangled up and things get misconstrued in my thought life and I don’t think good things. And then a few more emotions get involved and the saga continues.

I’m yet again standing on square one of forgiveness, and choosing to live a life of freedom instead of offense and learning to take the right steps to let it go.

Do you know what I am talking about? Have you been there too?


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  1. I'm sorry for your hurt, the Lord said of all these things LOVE is the most powerful. Amen

  2. I'm sorry for your hurt, the Lord said of all these things LOVE is the most powerful. Amen

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