God, Help Me
What am I doing in my life right now?
1.    With God’s help, I am tearing down the wallpaper of my mind. Wallpaper that consists of doubt, shame, guilt and fear, and replacing it with confidence, integrity and virtue and assurance.
2.    With God’s help, I am attempting to sort through the mound of feelings so that I can clearly distinguish what it is that pushes me to revert back to doubt, shame and guilt and fear.
3.    With God’s help, I am no longer being led by what others say, or feel as to how I should be as a wife, parent or co-worker.
4.    With God’s help, I am learning what the trigger points are that cause me to do or think the way others feel that I should, in order that I might win their approval.
5.    With God’s help, I am learning to see through HIS eyes and the person that HE made me to be.
I am doing this by:
1.    Reading His Word daily.
2.    Studying His Word continually.
3.    Drawing boundaries in relationships.
4.    Surrounding myself with people who build me up.
5.    Doing what God is calling me to do.
Simultaneously the enemy is:
1.    Attempting to thwart my progress.
2.    Causing dissension in relationships.
3.    Bringing on chaos and disorder.
4.    Misunderstanding in the family.
5.    Screaming in my ear that I am a failure.
Yet I continue to:
Consider it a great joy (I am trying with clenched teeth!), my friends, whenever you experience various trials (Oh no, another one?), knowing that the testing of your faith produces endurance (Okay, I am going to hold on!). But endurance must do its complete work (When is it going to be complete? This is getting hard!)  so, that you may be mature (Am I there yet?) and complete (Am I complete yet?), lacking nothing (Okay, really God…. I think I have all that I need. Can we stop yet? This really is hard……).
James 1:2-4 (Italics mine)

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  1. Renee says:

    Great Job! Love you to pieces 🙂

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