Holding Hands

Her little hand slips into mine and we are off to the next great adventure. Walking to school, going in a store, or getting out of the car she always seeks my hand. And the pleasure in that moment knowing all is well in her little soul is priceless.
As I consider these precious times with my granddaughter, I ponder a few things:
·       She is not embarrassed to hold my hand.
·       She feels secure when she holds my hand.
·       She trusts when she holds my hand that she will be taken care of.
Unpretentious trust and confidence radiate from her simple action.  Yet her older sister wouldn’t dare hold my hand…… She is embarrassed, doesn’t need that security and has learned how to take care of herself.
And I thought about my response when God wants to hold my hand……Those times when I need to feel secure and know I am loved and taken care of. Am I quick to slip my hand into His and trust Him, knowing that I can rely on His guidance to get me through? Or does my pride get in the way and I’m embarrassed to be seen needing to hold onto Him? I don’t need His help, or I don’t want His help.
The Bible describes the Lord in Isaiah 40:11 as a shepherd. He tends his flock like a shepherd. He gathers the lambs in his arms and carries them close to his heart…”
A shepherd is one that takes care of, looks after, spends time with and helps nurture his flock. At times that means carrying them. Not simply just to move them but holding them close to His heart. Letting them feel the security of being valued and cherished.
I am ashamed to admit I am more like my older granddaughter when it comes to holding hands. Pride and insecurity quickly surpass trusting Him. But that needs to change.
After all….
He does have the whole world in His hands.