How Could He?

How could he do it? Why, after all he had seen and done did he succumb? When had his mind been sabotaged? Where was his heart? What was he thinking?

The list of questions I ask myself when I read the story of Aaron and the golden calf. As Moses’ right hand man and a front row witness to God’s faithfulness, what compelled him to cave in? Why did he cower and stoop so low to build an idol for the people to worship?

He heard from God. He witnessed miracles. He watched God work through his brother Moses. He was the spokesman for God’s direction to the Israelites. He stood up to Pharaoh. He saw the Red Sea part and walked across it on dry land. He was a leader.

And he blew it big time! WHAT WAS HE THINKING?

Yet who am I kidding? I’ve done the same thing. I’ve built and surrounded myself with idols also.

·       I’ve allowed people to talk me into things I had no business doing. But as a people pleaser I bowed to the pressure.

·       I’ve witnessed God’s faithfulness, but chose to do things on my own.

·       I’ve heard a word from the Lord, but still chose to do the wrong thing.

·       I’ve harbored unforgiveness toward others.

·       I’ve felt mistreated and unappreciated then gossiped to others.

No, I didn’t melt down my gold jewelry and create a large calf to worship. I modernized to the twenty first century.

·       I polish up my perfectionism of pleasing people and justify it with being a nice person.

·       I glory in the worship of others and justify it with building my self-esteem.

·       I cherish my kids above all others and justify it with that’s what a mother does.

·       I make possessions important and justify with hard work.

·       I desire money more than I should and justify it with worthiness.

Yes, Aaron and I have a lot in common. I’m working on them. The first step in changing is to see and admit there is a problem. My blinders are being removed.

Oh, and don’t even get me started on the likeness to his sister Miriam…