Keep Yourselves In God’s Love…   DIY Series #2
Keep Yourselves In God’s Love… DIY Series #2
Keep is defined as retain as a possession, to store, maintain, manage, tend, and preserve. It is also a course of action. To keep is to hang on to or cling to.
The Israelites were guided by the cloud at day and a fire at night. They knew God was leading them and because they believed Him, they continued to follow where He led. In the same way, the Lord also calls us to this course of action. Because we believe Him, we are called to maintain our walks and to keep ourselves in God’s love.  Psalm 91:1 says, “He who dwells in the shelter of the Most High will rest in the shadow of the Almighty.” Therefore remain under His shelter.
Recently a Pastor friend of mine was at a family birthday party for his granddaughter.  As the festivities were winding down the family was compelled to pray. So everyone gathered around the living room and began to pray. And pray. And pray. Almost an hour had passed and they continued to pray. This grandpa after standing sat down near an open wall and leaned back against it.
As the family continued to pray, the birthday girl walked by her grandpa carrying a pink umbrella she had received as a gift. She put the umbrella over his head and the child size umbrella covered his whole head so that he was cut off from the room. Instantly he felt the Lord say, “I’ve got you covered.”
Not understanding the full meaning, minutes later this pastor’s adult son walked back into the room after taking the birthday girl’s older brother to the rest room. His six year old grandson was now holding the umbrella. Immediately the Lord whispered in the pastor’s ear…”And I ‘ve got him covered too.” The prayer time concluded with this pastor sharing his story yet the full impact would not be known until three days later.
In the middle of the night Grandpa received a call from his daughter in law that something was very wrong with his grandson. Since his son was at work, Grandpa ran to the rescue.  Within minutes at the emergency room, Mom and Grandpa were informed that this critically ill child would be sent to Loma Linda, and a special medical unit was already on their way to transport him.
Needless to say, “I’ve got him covered too” was instantly thrust to the forefront of their minds. They were able to stand strong because they knew God was faithful. They trusted not only in His love for them but also for their loved one. As they followed behind that medical unit they clung to His promises.
For days, Doctors probed, pricked, tested, x-rayed, and searched to find an answer. After many days in the hospital, the doctors tried to make a diagnosis. With medication, new guidelines and a change in lifestyle he was sent home. Yet a miracle is taking place because this family has placed themselves and continues to dwell under the shadow of the Almighty.
This artwork was created for this wonderful family. Not only am I sharing it to ask you to keep them in prayer…. but just as they have done….it portrays exactly how we are to keep ourselves in God’s love.
Like this umbrella, hang on to the handle and stay under it!