Love and Acceptance
Love and Acceptance

The chocolate lab puppy had paws the size of my hands. They were prominent on his chubby frame, rounded face and short stocky legs. His name was Jack. “If you ever breed him, I want one of his puppies,” I said to my friends.

They called two years later. They had puppies!

I visited their house every weekend to watch the litter of yellow, black and chocolate labs grow. As I watched week after week I was drawn to a stoutly male black lab. While on the calm side he could get in the mix and play like all the rest. I fell in love with him.

Since he was Jack’s son, I named him Jack-son.

Jackson was not the first dog I ever loved but the first dog I personally owned.

·       He was a male black Labrador retriever who loved me unconditionally.

·       Loved me. Tolerated others.

·       He wanted to be where I was.

·       He accepted my love and affection without hesitation.

·       He protected me from harm.

Jackson died when he was 10 years old after a six week illness. I was devastated. I had lost my furry best friend, my shadow, and my confidant.

My kids found a new puppy in three days. Instead of getting to pick a puppy out of one litter, it was six litters. I was in heaven among all the puppies, but it wasn’t the same as getting to watch them grow. We chose one and drove away. We named him Hank.

Hank in contrast:

·       He is a male black Labrador retriever who loves me with conditions.

·       Loves everyone. Tolerates me.

·       He wants to be where the fun is.

·       He accepts love affection when he wants it.

·       His size and bark are intimidating but not protective.

Pondering the lists presented to me a contrast of my relationship with Jesus Christ. He wants the kind of relationship I had with Jackson, but to be honest many times my relationship is like Hank. It comes with conditions, moods and circumstances.

I am working on changing that. Because what is awesome about the Lord is he loves me unconditionally regardless if I reciprocate it and for that I am thankful.

“Praise the Lord, I tell myself; with my whole heart, I will praise His holy name, Praise the Lord, I tell myself, and never forget the good things he does for me.” Psalm 103:1 & 2