Officiating the Game of Life
Officiating the Game of Life


“Those referees were terrible! They cost us the game! Our score should have been…..! They were so one-sided!” and it goes on and on. If I had a nickel for every time I’d heard those remarks, I’d be rich!

Although I would never in a million years chose to be a referee, sometimes I feel like one on the game field of life.


Because everyone is voicing their opinion and it is all directed at the field. Some are correct and some are wrong, but everyone thinks that their view is right. Standing in the stadium you can hear both teams along with the coaches and grandstands all declaring their outlook on the situation simultaneously. 

Referees must:

·       Specifically know all the rules.

·       Implement the rules.

·       Be strong in adversity.

·       Control the game.

As I stand in the stadium of life, those same statues apply in my life:

         I must know the rules. Proverbs 20:11

Every game has rules. If we don’t know them – we are incapable of playing correctly. Life is similar in knowing right from wrong.  Rules such as: Lying is wrong – honesty is right. Stealing is wrong – giving is right. Hating is wrong – loving is right. Everyone knows deep down the difference between right and wrong; which leads me to the next directive.


        I must implement the rules. Psalm 119:101

I have the free-will to choose what I will do. I can do what is right or I can do what is wrong, but bottom line – I choose it! I can’t blame others or God – because I know the difference between right and wrong.


I must be strong in adversity. Proverbs 24:10

When surrounded with conflict such as arguments, disagreements or wrong behavior, I cannot let them influence my right living. I must stand strong and not be easily manipulated, used or swayed.


         I must control my game. Proverbs 25:28

We can only control our own game and it is vital that we maintain that control. If we do not – we allow others to dictate, influence or manage the rules and that scenario is disastrous. If need be – blow the whistle or throw a yellow flag and take control of your own life.

And I am off and running in the second half……….