Arguing With The Author

 Not once have I read a novel and argued with the author. Never have I debated with them on the characters they chose or the situations the characters endured. I simply read the book from cover to cover and accepted the outcome.  Hebrews 12:2 says, “Looking unto Jesus, the author and finisher of our faith, […]

Volcanic Emotions

A note of caution before you read this story. I am going to be very honest with you. You may not like or respect me after I share my feelings. People ask me how and why I share what I do and my answer is because we are all similar. We ALL feel certain things although […]

Do I Know You?

Clueless to what I had done, my foot hurt and I was struggling to walk. Taking it easy for the day I stayed off it but in the afternoon I needed to run to the store. Strategizing how I could walk in the store and grab a few things closest to the door, I set […]

Flare Ups

Can I be honest with you? I’ve been deeply hurt by someone and highly offended. Just when I think I can let it go another flare up occurs. The anger, the hurt and the tears come flooding back and I am at square one once more. I decided to write that person a letter and […]

Changing Tactics

Driving to a neighboring city, I popped in a CD and listened to a sermon on marriage. Wishing I could take notes, I was thankful I’d be able to listen again another time. The pastor ended with prayer as I arrived at my destination. Returning to my car later, I started it, plugged in my […]

Your Talk Matches Your Walk

The phone rang and I received a desperate phone call from a friend who was in fretful tears. A common friend between us was out of state with her children spreading her husband’s ashes who had passed away a few months prior. While away she had a flood in her house. Since my husband is […]

Unreceived Love

Someone I love doesn’t believe I do. I’ve confessed my love for them, shown my love, given my love, and proven my love, yet they still won’t believe it. I ask myself over and over what more can I do? I love them but they won’t receive it. Should I walk away then? Or shun […]

Finding Hidden Treasure

Why does it seem like treasure is usually hidden? It’s either behind locked doors or buried deep. It takes hard work and many steps or lessons to learn along the way before it’s found. I’ve wondered if it is worth the search or if it even exists. Webster’s defines treasure as: precious objects; somebody or […]

Whose Battle Are You Fighting?
Whose Battle Are You Fighting?

I deleted a post on Facebook a few days ago not because I felt wrong or had changed my stance but because of where the thread went. I had voiced my distress and hurt over a situation. In the course of being too real, I was misunderstood. People processed what I shared through their own […]

Running With Reckless Abandon
Running With Reckless Abandon

The gate was left open by mistake and my dogs took advantage of it. One hour after my two black Labradors had escaped I received a phone call giving me the news. Frantic I called my husband to see if he was closer to home than I was. He was close and was soon perusing […]