How Could He?

How could he do it? Why, after all he had seen and done did he succumb? When had his mind been sabotaged? Where was his heart? What was he thinking? The list of questions I […] Read More

You Can Be Sure Of This

If you had asked my kids when they were young, which Bible verse reminds you of your mother, I know which one they would have chosen. The one I quoted most often. Why? Because it […] Read More

Love and Acceptance

The chocolate lab puppy had paws the size of my hands. They were prominent on his chubby frame, rounded face and short stocky legs. His name was Jack. “If you ever breed him, I want […] Read More

And The Winner Is….

My son’s state championship football game was ready to start. Both teams were geared up and anticipating a win. The bleachers filled and excitement mounted. The opposing team won the coin toss and chose to […] Read More

Uprooted and Replanted

Recently a tree in our front yard was removed. It had become top-heavy and leaning over. The roots were beginning to rip through the ground. Although it had served as a shade cover and been […] Read More

Blind Spots

Our family had just finished dinner and we were lounging in the living room. Sitting on the love seat my nine year old daughter was drinking a can of Mountain Dew. Next to her was […] Read More

Around the World in 80 Days

No, we have not traveled around the world but………. In the last 80 days Don and I:   Had our company secretary walk out. Had no passwords, job notes, or instructions. Discovered our money had been […] Read More

If I Had Three Wishes

If I had three wishes they would be: 1.     Nobody would ever have to feel grief. 2.     Everybody had a relationship with Jesus. 3.     Eternity would begin today. I wish nobody had to ever feel […] Read More

Hit By A Wave

Asking for help, prayer or support does not come easy for me. I think I should be strong, prepared and a pillar of faith. But I am not….. This summer began as usual anticipating fun […] Read More

Losing Control

Know or Go is a suspenseful game played on a few TV shows. Standing on a lifted platform a person is asked a question. If they answer correctly they remain upright. If they answer wrong, […] Read More