People Pleasing
People Pleasing

As a people pleaser, I did
in my power to make sure everyone else was happy. I spent time, money, and personal resources to ensure another’s happiness.
Sadly, my family, friends, and I all paid a price.

Like a hamster running on a wheel, I ran and ran to get nowhere because I can never achieve the goal of making everyone happy.


First, I can’t control other people. Their response, reaction or acceptance of me is completely their choice.

Secondly, I am not responsible for other people’s happiness. I am still letting this settle for it is foreign to what I’m used to thinking. Because for years, I thought I was.

I am becoming the person I’m meant to be. One that is free to be who they are, someone who is not:

·       Performing,

·       Sacrificing their heart,

·       Being stunted in growth.

It’s interesting that as I become free from the chains of expectations, that other’s expectations of me increase. They don’t like the outcome because they no longer hold power over me.

Truthfully it’s not really that I changed……

Their perception of me did.

I stopped being who THEY wanted me to be.