My dog pooped on the living room floor. Are you kidding me? He never does that! As I sat at the dining room table writing, he would bring me his ball and I would throw it across the living room and he would go fetch it. Over and over and over again. Finally I jumped up and ran around the living room with him acting like I was going to take his ball. And the chase began.
I never noticed the pile. Mind you my dog is a black labrador. They don’t do things small. Get the picture? Only after I noticed the mound did I smell it. Oh my! I turned to him and yelled, “What is this?” Like he is really going to answer me.
He follows me into the bathroom to get a roll of toilet paper. As he stands in the doorway I bend down and stick my finger in his face and blurt out “NO!” Immediately he cowers to the ground and flinches like I am going to hit him. It hurt my heart because I never hit him.
Have you ever cowered out of fear? I do sometimes with God. Knowing or feeling like I have done something wrong I ready myself for the screaming rebuke. But that isn’t God.
God is loving, patient and understanding. He wants the best for me. Jeremiah 31:3 says, “I have loved you with an ever-lasting love; I have drawn you with loving-kindness.” He doesn’t yell nor does he stick his finger in my face and scold me.
He teaches me the right thing to do in other ways and they are not the worldly ways that I have grown accustomed to.  He is patient with my learning. He constantly helps me through situations. He supplies me with a “How to” manual – called the Bible.
Yet, mostly He demonstrates his love to me because he continually picks up my piles…….Has he picked up any of yours lately?

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  1. Great metaphor! Thought provoking. Stopping by from CLASSeminars link up on FB today.

  2. Dana Rausch says:

    Welcome and thanks for stopping by. I had a great time at the CLASSeminars Party last night!

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