Red Light….Green Light
Red Light….Green Light

Sitting at the red traffic light, I contemplated how life can make such a drastic change in a short time. Thinking of what I was doing that morning seven days prior. Picking out wedding shoes and completely oblivious to what the week would hold.

Brittany would spend three days in the hospital. She and Michael would lose their Baby Lucy. I would have to work for her in our office because she now ran our office after the prior secretary walked out two months ago. I had no clue how to do most things. Shifting priorities, I had to juggle the grandkids I usually watched. Yet, miraculously family and friends all shifted and filled in holes.

As I waited for the light to change, I recalled a friend who asked me how I was doing at the end of the week. I cringed, thinking of my response to her….. I asked her if she had a gun. I sarcastically have said, “I’d like to put a gun to my head.”

NO! I am not going to kill myself NOR am I suicidal. I am simply sharing my fragmented thoughts this week.

My mind kept reeling about that ridiculous comment and how devastating that would be to my family. The damage it would do to all of them. And I shuddered at my own stupidity for saying it.

It dawned on me then that my light had turned green and had for some time. I sat there in my funk and watched the cars travelling north coming through the intersection. Just as I realized I had been sitting at a green light, an elderly lady going west came barreling through the intersection. She had no idea she was running a red light.

God once again showed his hand on my life. If I had gone when my light turned green I would have been hit.

Thank you Lord, that even when I don’t understand things, your hand is upon my life.

2 thoughts on “Red Light….Green Light”

  1. Beautiful. We were just thinking the same thing. So much has changed and really, we're not much better. Tomorrow we will return to our jobs and pretend all is well. We continue to ask God for strength. So glad you were sitting at that green light. We love you.

  2. Dana Rausch says:

    Thanks Michael. Grief takes time. And grief is never the same for everybody. There will be sad days ahead, but I won't cease to continue asking God for strength. Love you!

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