Running With Reckless Abandon
Running With Reckless Abandon

The gate was left open by mistake and my dogs took advantage of it. One hour after my two black Labradors had escaped I received a phone call giving me the news. Frantic I called my husband to see if he was closer to home than I was. He was close and was soon perusing the neighborhood in search of them.

Uneasy and unsettled, I left work to join the hunt. You see there were some disturbing details to consider. School had let out nearby, what if they scared the kids? They had collars on but no tags. What if they were hit by a car? What if Phoebe can’t walk because of her hip having been replaced years ago? Oh, did I mention that it was 110 degrees outside and they were out at 2:30 in the afternoon heat?

After being on the run for an hour and half they were found. Two blocks away sitting on someone’s shaded porch. With tongues dangling, feet hurting, and underbellies wet (they must of laid in water) they cowardly walked to Don’s truck.

Turning my car toward home I pondered, “Why would they do that? Why would they want to escape? They have life so well……” And I began to count their blessings:
·       Two square meals a day. Okay well round, since their bowls are round.

·       The biggest grassed backyard in the neighborhood.

·       Spoiled rotten.

·       Tons of toys.

·       Loved immensely.

·       Lack for nothing.

Yet they chose to leave and flee from safety.

I considered how often I do those same things with my walk with the Lord. I see an open door and barge though it. I have life so well, but I run with reckless abandon. Soon realizing I’m lost and struggling to find my way home.

Hank and Phoebe came home in sad shape. Exhaustion and burned paws had them snoring on the cool tile floor for hours. Three days later they were still hobbling around. I was concerned that Phoebe had re-injured her hip. They bounced back after working through the pain.

Similar to them, I also suffer the consequences of wrong choices. I am not where I need to be. And the quick burst of fake joy to do whatever I want becomes like a heavy weight. What I thought was a good thing became a bad thing, because it wasn’t God’s best for me.

How about you? Do you sometimes run away from God’s will and later suffer the consequences? What you thought was good turned bad? Please share…

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  1. Sadly, so true for me too. Good reminder! I have it so good in the Lord!!!!

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