Seasons of Change
Seasons of Change

Change is hard. I wasn’t prepared for the solitude after quitting my job of 23 years. The aloneness, the lack of daily dialogue with co-workers/friends and the immense quietness made me feel sad. The feelings of being lost and abandoned filled my days.

Yet it was exactly what I needed. My life had become no longer mine. I had blended in to what others wanted and I was no longer me. During that isolation process I found a new me.

The process resembled the reseeding seasons in the Southern California desert. Since our weather fluctuates from 120° in the summer to 30° in the winter, there is no grass that can withstand the two extremes. Therefore we have to reseed our lawn twice a year.

Each step is simple:

1.     Discontinue watering the lawn.

2.     Let the grass die.

3.     Mow down the grass.

4.     Spread new seed.

5.     Cover with fertilizer.

6.     Water heavily.

Contemplating the reseeding steps, I considered them in view of relationships:

There are some that I had to quit watering and let die. That was a difficult task for this people-pleaser because I wanted friendships to flourish.  No amount of water could make some grow. I needed to release them.

After coming to terms with letting go, I had to gather up remnants. This included cutting down, raking up and discarding the excess. Oh, the heartache of removing what I had held dear for years.

Reluctantly I began the next step of spreading new seed. I didn’t want to because I wanted to cling to the past where I felt secure.  Or thought I had.

Next, I had to cover the new seed with fertilizer. Perplexing is that foul smelling waste enriches and nourishes the soil to benefit growth. In contrast, holding onto waste only causes a stench.
Miraculously in the process of watering, you begin to see progress. Sprouts of new life shoot up. Color blossoms through day after day.

And before you realize it – new life is thriving.

Yes, change is hard, but is God calling you to break up your hard ground? Could he have something for you to accomplish for His good, but you continue holding onto what feels secure? It may be hard, but change is needed to let go of the past. When you catch a glimpse of what God has for you, you’ll regret not having let go sooner. Now is the time to seek the Lord……..

I said, ‘Plant the good seeds of righteousness, and you will harvest a crop of love. Plow up the hard ground of your hearts, for now is the time to seek the Lord that he may come and shower righteousness upon you.’ Hosea 10:12

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  1. Amen, dear friend. Well said.

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