Stinking Attitude
Stinking Attitude

Attitude is our thoughts turned outward. So, if an attitude stinks, where did the smell come from? You got it – our thoughts.
Learning much from picture stories I pondered how I get a stinky attitude.
First, it doesn’t happen instantly but in steps.
Secondly, it is my own doing. I choose to take those steps one by one.
Lastly, I make the choice to let it linger.
It is like practicing the following steps:
1.     Get a nice clean trash can. Lid not necessary.
2.     Go pick up all the dog piles in the back yard and put in can.
3.     Bring it in the house and go clean out the refrigerator.
4.     Throw away the rotting fruits and vegetables.
5.     Get rid of the old chicken or hamburger taking up space.
6.     Pour the outdated milk down the sink then put milk carton in trash can.
7.     Throw out all the old cheese, condiments or dressings.
8.     Discard the baby’s dirty diaper and place in your trash can.
9.     Blow your runny nose and throw away your tissue.
10. Clean out the coffee pot and throw away the coffee grounds.
Now, leave the trash can sitting right there.
Off to enjoy my day…….
have lots of choices: Read a enthralling book on romance; Watch a movie to escape reality; Go on Facebook to read the posts of gripes and drama people are sharing. I can call a friend and complain about my life. So I feel justified as they say the words I long to hear, “That is so wrong… poor thing!”
I leave the house for a while. Life is hard and I deserve a break. I drive through Starbucks to grab a latte, go shopping and take my time to try and relax.
I return home to have a putrid odor assault me.  I try not to gag! After a while I became conditioned so the smell isn’t so bad. Therefore I think it’s reasonably hidden and no one will know.
Yet, I don’t realize my stinking attitude is evident and obvious when around are others. Although I plaster on a smile and act nice, they smell a foul odor! The rancid stench permeating from me makes them want to vomit. Therefore I can’t question why they don’t want to be around me. I stink!
Hence I ask myself, “Still choose to keep that stinking attitude Dana?”