The Battle Plan
okay to be scared
Home alone, I was awakened at 10:30pm by someone pounding on my front door. Instantly upset at the rudeness, I peered through the peep hole. Standing there was a stranger!
Trying to disguise my voice I yelled, “WHAT?” The man stepping from foot to foot answered, “UHHHH, I am here for Joe!”  To which I replied there is no Joe! “My bad,” he replies and walks away.
Our floor plan doesn’t view the front of the house. So I had no idea where he’d gone. Did he get in a car? Walk to the side of our house? Was he alone? Were their others?
Tucking myself in a non-view able place from any window, I tried to think fast. What should I do? Since all windows lead into the backyard, I couldn’t get to my phone in the kitchen without being seen. Suddenly the hair on the back of my two Labradors rose and they went running wildly across the living room barking at the backdoor.  
part of epic battleI had no way to defend myself, nor means to call for help. And I had a sleeping grand baby to protect! My fear escalated and I felt like there was a sniper up in a tower above me ready to attack and I was an easy target.
The dogs calmed and I went running for my phone. Immediately, I decided things had to change. I never wanted to be in this position again. So, I signed up for a woman’s gun class appropriately titled, Finding Steel Charming – A Woman’s First Date with a Firearm.
As I gleaned valuable insight from our instructor, I pondered the similarities of the devil – our spiritual enemy:
  • He lurks in darkness
  • He sneaks up on you
  • He tries to paralyze you with fear
He makes you think you are a captive and uses it to his advantage. Once he’s deceived you into believing a lie, he knows from that lofty position he can control and manipulate you.
Our instructor Robert educated us for hours about gun safety, the differences between guns, loading and unloading, ammunition, our stance, legal rights, how to buy a firearm, and much more. Yet, he repeatedly said, the purpose of the class was to get us familiar and CONFIDENT on how to use a firearm. And the only way to accomplish that is to actually use them.
Thus, our next class is at the firing range. We will use various gun types, feel the real effects of shooting a gun, and grow in familiarity and confidence in using one. enemy also has plan for your life

Again, I considered the tactics of Satan. If he can keep you ignorant of his weapons; immobilized by fear so that you don’t walk in faith; or shackled by wrong thinking; he will proudly display you like a bound prisoner of war. Do you want to live that way?

Robert asked and warned simultaneously by saying, “Think through the ramifications of  shooting someone trying to harm you.”  Recalling my predicament just a few months prior, knowing I had a grand baby to protect, made the answer was easy.
John 10.10Therefore, why do I allow a spiritual enemy to parade me around and profess victory over my life? Why do I live defeated cowering in dread?  
Jesus came to destroy the works of the devil. He was victorious when he died on the cross and rose again. He died a horrible death to set me free. He breaks chains, exposes enemy tactics, provides armor and demonstrates how to stand strong. He loved us enough to die for us; He has our best interest at heart; and longs to show His goodness to us.
So I have to boldly ask:
·       What are we doing falling prey to Satan?
·       Why do we hang our head?
·       How do we stay in an unlocked prison cell?  
·       Where is he getting access?
·       When will we use scripture to disarm him?
As Christians, we are at war. Don’t ever consider it friendly fire.