The Light Went On!

christmas light strand

The Christmas lights never seemed to light up. I plugged them in – didn’t work. I replaced lights – didn’t work. I even bought new ones – didn’t work. Year after year I tried new things but the lights would not light up.
Pulling out the Christmas decorations I prayed it would be different. Reminiscing over handmade ornaments from friends, office party gifts, and generation handed down décor, I longed for this Christmas to be different. I desired less: stress, relationship issues, money concerns, gift buying anxiety, and party invites. 
I prayed but the answer wasn’t what I expected.
You see Christmas to me was more depressing than enjoyable. I was always stressed. Frazzled about getting everything done, exhausted from working full time, buying the right gifts, wearing the correct party clothes, feeling fat, not measuring up, and ending up hating the season.
As I prayed, Lord please make this year different, I long to enjoy the season along with others. He waited until I was done and answered, “The reason you have not enjoyed Christmas is because you have made it all about YOU. 
YOU think you have to: focus on christ
·       Have the perfect present.
·       Decorate to impress.
·       Wear the look-skinny outfit.
·       Please your family.
·       Do everything for everyone.
·       Appear happy.
YOU, Dana have made Christmas all about you instead of me. And when your eyes on are you, you can’t see me. John 3:16 says it all, “For I so loved the world that I gave my only son and whoever believes in him will not perish but have eternal life. Christmas is about my gift to you, my son. Not the presents, the parties, the perfectionism, the stress or you! It’s all about Jesus.”
christmas strand lit upThe Christmas lights finally lit up, because my perception changed. It wasn’t that the strand didn’t work, I just couldn’t see correctly.
Thank you Lord, that you care enough about me to speak truth to my heart.  May you be glorified this Christmas season.