I have been given a purpose. I’ve been given a call. So why do I struggle so much to accomplish the task I’ve been given?

In my mind, ramble many questions:

·       Who am I to do this?

·       What qualifies me?

·       Why would anyone listen?

·       How long will it take?

·       Where will I go when done?

And like a clothes dryer those thoughts tumble over and over again, paralyzing me from action. And then, I begin to question if this really is my purpose. Did I misread the call? Maybe I was wrong and should go back to square one. Perhaps I should just hang out on square one…….it is so much more comfortable.

In the Bible, 2 Kings 18-19 shares the story of King Hezekiah that is also facing a challenge. At the age of 25 he becomes the King of Judah. He trusted in the Lord, remained faithful and carefully obeyed the commandments. So the Lord was with him and he was successful.

During this time, his neighbor Israel is being tormented by the king of Assyria who is ruthless. Fourteen years into Hezekiah’s reign, that same king sets his sights on Judah. He threatens, he bullies, and he sends others to do his dirty work.

King Hezekiah responds with, “This is a day of trouble, insult and disgrace. It’s like when a child is ready to be born, but the mother has no strength to deliver the baby.” 2 Kings 19:3. That definitely sounds like defeat and despair to me.

When dealing with the enemy I have experienced similar situations of anguish because:

·       I sometimes try to appease the enemy.

·       I listen to people that the enemy uses to thwart God’s plan for me.

·       I allow him to get my focus off of what is important.

·       I let accusations; slander and blasphemous words shadow my walk with God.

But what does Hezekiah do?

·       Shares his concerns with his trusted advisors.

·       Goes to church.

·       Gets godly counsel.

·       Pours his heart out to God.

I love how God responds…….


God will take care of the raging battle. He urges us to not be disturbed. He promises that He Himself will move against the enemy.

In the meantime, King Sennacherib sends a last minute note to Hezekiah and proceeds to tell him,  “Don’t let your God who you trust deceive you with promises….. look what happened to all of the other kings I destroyed. They were completely demolished and you are no different!”

Again, what does Hezekiah do?

He takes the note to the temple, falls to his knees and pours his heart out to God. He acknowledges who God is, what he has done, and what looms before him. He states facts and says to God, “It is true what this king has done to other nations…… rescue us Lord.”

Again, God comes to the rescue…… He declares extremely strong statements against the enemy. And he speaks directly to him in 2 Kings 19:21-28.

·       The Lord despises you and laughs at you.

·       Who do you think you are defying and ridiculing?

·       Against whom do you raise your voice?

·       At whom do you look at with haughty eyes?

·       Who do you think you are?

·       Do you think I do not know of what you do?

·       You have bragged about your escapades.

·       But I KNOW YOU WELL!

·       Where you stay and when you come and go.

·       I know the way you have raged against me.

·       Because of your rage against me, and your arrogance,

·       Which I have heard myself…..

·       I will take care of you!

I would say that the enemy is going down…… God promises He will take care of him.

So why am I questioning my purpose or call? Why do I put up with these thoughts tumbling around in my mind? Why am I so quick to stay comfortable on square one?

Simple answer. I have listened to, taken to heart and cowered at the enemies threats…….. yet after reading what God says, I have to ask WHY?

1 Peter 5:8 says, Stay alert! Watch out for your great enemy, the devil. He prowls around like a roaring lion, looking for someone to devour.” Notice it says….. LIKE a roaring lion… doesn’t’ mean he is one. He acts like a roaring lion because he knows it will get your attention!

Although he is looking for someone, he isn’t going to devour me. I am again positioning myself at the foot of the cross, where he doesn’t dare roam……..


  1. I'm doing this same thing, Dana! I know what God has called me to do and yet I put everything else first and never get to it, because I think everything else and everyone else is more important. So we can pray for one another in this area. Great reminder – thanks!

  2. Once again, you deliver EXACTLY what I need!
    Dana…YOU ROCK!!

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