To Brit’s Parents:
To Brit’s Parents:

Duke and Kathy,

I LOVED your man cub. I  L O V E D  HIM.

Yes, many times I wanted to slap him upside the head and a few times did – but it never diminished my love for him.

It seems like yesterday we were at Lake Havasu and while he was sprinting around on a wave-runner cut right in front of our boat. Don and I both came unglued. He simply turned around with that _____ little grin on his face, shrugging his shoulders to say, “What’s the problem?”

Today, there are so many in this place that would do anything to erase or diminish your pain. Although none of us can, I know someone who can.

He too lost his son.

It was his only son.

He knows what heartache feels like.

He knows what being separated from your loved one feels like.

Yes, God gets how you feel right now. And God is a good God.

I used to think He sat up in heaven like the Wizard of Oz pushing buttons and damning people to hell. He doesn’t point fingers or call people losers. Nor does He hate.

He knew the only way he could reach you and I was through the death of His only son, Jesus.

So, yes he knows EXACTLY how you feel.

I believe that He created heaven to ease the pain of death, so that one day we could spend eternity with Him and our loved ones that have gone before us.

Just like Brit.

Duke & Kathy and the whole Britton family, it didn’t take God by surprise when Brit left this earth. God was waiting. And I K N O W….. that just like the father in the story of the Prodigal Son, God RAN to Brit and scooped him up in a bear hug embrace kissing him on each cheek and welcomed him into Heaven.

Someday when I get there…. I may have to hit him up-side the head one last time for getting there first.

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  1. Well said Aunt Dana, well said!

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