Up and Down With Forgiveness
Up and Down With Forgiveness

Bear with each other and forgive whatever grievances you may have against one another. Colossians 3:13

The roller coaster travels up and comes down with twisting, turning, upside down curves. Sometimes slow and then picks up speed. Just when you settle in, the bottom drops out from under you.

Does that ever describe your life?

I rode that roller coaster right into bed last night. I was climbing to the top when my head hit the pillow. I had just received an encouraging email that made me soar….

This morning I awoke to sound of raindrops as I snuggled into the warm blankets. My mind instantly engaging as I contemplated the writing I needed to get done today. I began with prayer to start my day, and found myself apologizing for being disobedient. Many times I had not heeded the gentle nudges to encourage me to finish a task.

I remembered something I had said recently about God being disappointed with us. And that he NEVER is. Yet as I continued to talk to the Lord, it was disappointment in me that I felt. Lord, can we start again? Begin this day with the slate wiped clean?

I was eager to begin as I left those warm blankets. I grabbed my Bible, cup of coffee, and sat down to listen to Joyce Meyer for a few minutes. Of course, she spoke directly to my situation. And the roller coaster made another turn…

My phone beeped just as the program ended letting me know I had received my morning devotional from Proverbs 31 ministry. It was on forgiveness and shared the darling story of a small bird that had been stuck and finally set free to fly again. When we choose to forgive, we are set free.

Cute story, great Bible verse, well written, yes I can receive that. As the roller coaster made another turn…

The phone beeped again with another email, when the roller coaster took a sharp twisting turn and I found myself upside down.

Forgiveness was staring me in the face. But I didn’t feel like a cute little bird to be set free.

Instead, I felt like an adult yellow lab on a leash, cowering in the corner shaking because my owner was screaming at me. And waving a stick that I feared would strike at any time.

Similar to that Labrador, who only wants to make others happy, be a friend, and bring enjoyment, I started to scold myself and ask what I did now.   

Yet, this morning the ride came to an abrupt end when I decided to forgive. I chose to raise the bar that held me captive in that seat, stand and walk away.

People are people and hurt people hurt people. I cannot do anything to change others, but I can change me. I can be that tail wagging, tongue hanging, fetching yellow Labrador that brings others encouragement and enjoyment because I choose to be.

Want to play catch?