WHERE… is your God now?
WHERE… is your God now?
As a young teenager someone asked in a cynical tone, “Dana, why would YOU become a Christian? YOU have always been a good person.”  Insecure and immature, I was rendered speechless for I didn’t know how to answer.

As a young adult a relative called me out on something I had said about the Bible. Her response was, “How do you know… Have you read the Bible from cover to cover?” Once again immature and insecure, but now adding shame, I confessed I had not.

As a mature adult, two people that hold a piece of my heart recently asked, “Where is your God now?”

In the midst of pain, heartache, betrayal, loss, and upheaval, people want to know WHY God would let me go through these trials. “If God is such a loving God, why is he letting you suffer?” One even remarked that is seems God is up in heaven with a magnifying glass looking down to see who he can burn….. Sigh.

Yes, I admit that I am going through an extremely difficult time. But this I KNOW:

·       None of what I am going through is God’s fault.

·       God is not a respecter of persons, everyone goes through trying times.

·       God loves me and has my best interest at heart.

·       God is faithful, loving, and trustworthy.

·       When I get to heaven one day, none of these trials will matter.

I could beat my head against the wall and shout WHY? WHY? WHY me?
Simply, I may never know why. Yet I can ask myself these questions:

·       Why not me?

·       Do I need to make some changes?

·       Is there something I need to learn through this circumstance?

·       Is God using my situation to help someone else?

Sometimes trials and adversity don’t make sense yet they don’t have to. I know without a shadow of doubt that God is good. He is omnipotent and sees the whole picture when I can only see one piece. So I can trust that He, like many times in my life, is faithful and will see me through.

That young teenager would today answer, I became a Christian because contrary to what you thought, I was just a good girl on my way to hell.

That young adult could confidently say, No the Bible does not say “God helps those who help themselves”, but it does confirm over and over that God helps those who can’t help themselves. To which I am grateful.

As a mature adult I will continue to walk out my belief and allow God to use me to show others his love and concern for them. God didn’t promise an easy life. He promised that we would never have to walk it alone. He is with me every hard step of the way…..