Will my loved one ever get better?
Will my loved one ever get better?

I asked a hospice nurse if my loved one would ever get better.
He graciously said he couldn’t answer the question exactly,
but he shared the perfect analogy of their last months and days……

“Think of a bouncing ball…….

At first the ball bounces back quite high

But as time goes on…..

The ball won’t bounce as high.

Slowly it bounces less and less,

And one day it doesn’t bounce at all.”

I could apply this to my life as I watched a few loved ones in the last four months complete their last bounce on earth…… only to make a slam dunk right into heaven.

I am eternally grateful for Hospice Care. They care and assist our loved ones in an awesome way designed specifically for their last days on earth. Thank you Silverado Hospice Care in Orange County and Family Hospice Care in Palm Springs……

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  1. Love this analogy. Wonder if this is what is happening to my mom, though she's not "dying," but her strength ebbs and flows, mostly ebbs. Thank you, Dana!

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