Worthy of Transformation
Worthy of Transformation
The Writer’s Conference is over. In retrospect, it is obvious to me now why I went through hell to get there. In the last month, I have had health issues, my Mom was in the hospital, my brother in law and sister had surgery, my daughter relapsed, my husband’s company is splitting, negative marks put on credit report mistakenly, one daughter was laid off work, (who has three children) and the other is moving to Florida.
I almost didn’t attend. I can envision the enemy throwing everything he could onto my path so I wouldn’t go. Did he know that I would return a transformed person? Was he trembling, considering losing the grip of fear and worthlessness he had so cleverly wallpapered my mind with? I think so.
Let me share a story. One evening I was removing my earrings as I was getting ready for bed. I took one off, but as I went to remove the other it was missing. I was disappointed as they were my favorite dangling pearl earrings. I placed the one in my drawer and dismissed the thought of making an announcement should anyone find it.
Sitting in a class the following day, a thought went through my mind that I should attempt to meet with an agent. I went to my next seminar class and a friend ran up to me to say that I should go talk to an agent. Smiling, I hung my shaking head at the timing of it all.
We are standing in the doorway that everyone had to pass through to take their dirty dishes from every meal. As I hung my head, I see that lying in the middle of the doorway is my pearl earring. Four hundred people had to have walked over it. I bend down to pick it up expecting it to be destroyed yet it was perfect. As I hold it up I sense the Lord saying, “See Dana it doesn’t matter if you’ve been walked on, stomped on or kicked around, you are still of value. You don’t have to let it destroy you.”
What I experienced from this conference was nothing less than a transformation. I had the opportunity to talk to a couple of publishers who are interested in my work. One was so intrigued that he sought me out four times after our initial meeting. We even were on the same plane leaving New Mexico.
Another publisher/editor is interested in my “Shaving Off His Mane” as a Bible Study. Another editor was interested in my devotions for a publication that reaches over 100,000 people. Needless to say, I am humbled at the interest in my work.
Interestingly, the chaos and whirlwind I had left at home seems to have calmed. Circumstances are still happening but I see them through a different perspective. I am loved by the Creator of the Universe. And He is walking through every situation I face along with me. I am not worthless for I need to stand up and quit letting the enemy kick me around. I truly want him to think every morning oh crap…she’s up!
I now begin the new adventure of writing a book proposal to send to those publishers, editors and an agent…………

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  1. you are a good writer Dana. keep up the good work.

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