You Oughta Know Betta….
You Oughta Know Betta….
“Donald, you oughta know betta!” fondly remembered “Boston-accented” words from the mother of a High School friend. When this single Mom came home from work and her house was amuck with unruly teenagers she let them all have it. Short of boxing their ears, she lovingly set them all straight.
You ought to know better………
Ought ….should, would, had better…
To know….distinguish, recognize, see, tell, discern, be familiar with….
Better….well, enhanced, improved, superior…
·         Because you learned it in school?
·         Because you read it in a book?
·         Because you were taught better?
·         Because you had great role models?
The answer could be yes to each of the questions above. But ultimately I think it starts with YOU.
I’ve been reading in Exodus about Moses & Aaron. God calls Moses to do a job but because of fear and insecurity he back peddles. So God allows his brother Aaron to assist him.
Aaron hears everything God says to Moses. God speaks directly to both of them. He is a leading participant in the 10 plagues against Egypt. A few times Moses is told to go get Aaron and bring him up the mountain.
Aaron experiences God in all of his awesomeness. He witnesses God’s glory, he is personally blessed and his family is blessed. He is given a high ranking role among the Israelites. His family is called to the position of priests to lead God’s people!
And yet….Aaron should have known better.
After all he had experienced first-hand with God… could he have turned so fast and made the golden calf? How could he have stooped so low and allow people to sway his beliefs? Or was it all for show?
After an awesome time in God’s presence, Moses comes down the mountain ready to bless the Israelites with words from God. When Moses sees the idol, he erupts in anger and throws down the tablets with the 10 commandments on them that GOD HAD JUST WRITTEN WITH HIS OWN HAND! (Ex. 31:18).
I can relate to Moses. My hurt erupts in anger also. Why? Because I feel that people ought to know better and I am so disappointed when they don’t.
But more importantly is that I ought to know better.  It begins with me looking in the mirror and once again observing the things I’ve let creep in that has hindered my walk with God.