Many of the greatest moments spent with my Dad were either under a car or leaning over a front fender. Wanting to be near him and emulate him I learned about engines. I knew how they worked; what a piston was, a carburetor and even a cam shaft!
I could change a tire, change my oil, and adjust the valves on my VW bus. I once embarrassed a boyfriend by being able to put the fan belt on his VW bug after he spent an hour trying. I can still recall the proud look on my Dad’s face…
In my arrogance and false pride I decided I didn’t like the yellow on my 250 Yamaha motorcycle hence I took it apart to the bare bones, so I could repaint it. Dad’s proud look began to diminish over the weeks as the parts lay over his garage floor. Exasperated after 3 months, I did want any teenage girl would do and found some cute guy in high school to put it back together for me……
What does all that time spent, and knowledge accrued of engines do for me today? Not much! Sure, the time spent with my Dad was priceless. But I married a man that changes my tires or takes my car for an oil change. Better yet, he buys me cars that don’t break down…….
What about you? Have you ever done something out of your league? How did you get through it?   Did you finally finish; give up; or get someone to help you?
While finishing the book of Exodus recently I found something valuable. In Chapter 35, Moses is collecting the goods to begin the construction of the tabernacle. He tells the Israelites that God has chosen Bezalel; filled him with the Spirit of God, with skill, with ability and knowledge in all kinds of crafts. God has also chosen Oholiab who has the ability to teach others.
What impressed me is that these men possessed the ability that God was in need of. Does God need something from you? Do you have skills and abilities that his kingdom is in need of?
Let’s narrow it down just a bit more: Do you even know what your abilities are? If not I have a few suggestions:
1.    Find out your strengths at – This is a small book with a test at the end. It will give you your top five strengths. Great insight!
2.      Know about your personality type. You can take Florence Littauer’s personality test at Learning the personality types helped me understand why I did certain things the way I did. Instead of beating myself up and wondering why I couldn’t be like “them”, I accepted my natural type. It also helped me understand others!
3.      Learn about all personality types. My friend Shona Neff calls herself a Personality Mechanic. Isn’t’ that a cool title? You can read her blogs at I glean so much from her.
4.      Search out your unique ability. Ask 10 family members, 10 friends, and 10 professional people through an email, what they see as your unique talents and abilities. This is SO STRETHCHING! Yet, after they answer them you will be able to see a common thread. Others can see things that are difficult for us to see ourselves.
Four things stood out to me about Bezalel and Oholiab:
·         They were chosen. (Ex. 35:30) Just like you!
·         They had skill, ability and knowledge. (Ex. 35:31) Just like you!
·         They could teach others! (Ex. 35:34)  Just like you!
·         They were willing to do the work. (Ex. 36:4)  Are you?
In Exodus 40, seven times (the number of perfection) it says that Moses did….as the Lord commanded him.
As the Lord commanded him…..has the Lord asked you to do something? Step out of your comfort zone, work on your marriage, pray for your kids, make changes, get something done, work on a relationship, de-clutter your thought life, set boundaries, get closer to Him?
Only you know what God has called YOU to do. You have been chosen. You have skills and ability that is uniquely yours. Your example of living life could be teaching others. Are you willing to do the work?
God will get his work done. He may not need you, but he WANTS you….could he be prompting you to step out because somewhere in this world, some person needs what God has gifted you with? And that someone is hurting or struggling yet God is waiting on you to make a move? Because he knows that each of you will benefit?
Answer His call………A video to encourage you…..